Goat Championship Series Vol. 3! – 4 Ottobre 2020 – ENG

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Finally, time has come! Goat Community Italia Championship Series Vol. 3 is about to start!

It’s 9.30 a.m. and registrations are open, the lads are writing their deck lists, looking for the last cards they need at our store and opening their registration packs! Luckily, it’s also a sunny day so people can have a good time outside between turns as well!

After an hour, the clock says it’s time to start, and the register players are 102: it’s the biggest revival goat format event ever made!

The emotion in seeing so many players that came in Milan specifically to play this format it’s really strong, some of them also travelled a lot to have a chance to reach the world championship: let’s see the region breakdown!

Talking about breakdowns, let’s see which decks were the most popular! Walking through the tables we can assume that chaos it’s the most played deck, followed by Aggro variants, Goat control and also more Reasoning decks than usual! The numbers confirm our thoughts: Chaos variants cover 43% of the decks in the hall!

Aggro: 8 Chaos Warrior, 7 Tiger Stun, 3 Zoo Beastdown, 2 Gearfried

The tournament goes on and in the 2nd Round Gabriele Bianchi is at the feature match! He was the winner of our last event but this time he reveals us he didn’t have so much time to test so he relied on his friends opinion and choose to play Chaos Turbo instead of his standard Goat Control.

After a couple of rounds, at the top tables we can see a lot of Chaos Variants but also some Reasoning decks.

After seven rounds of swiss we finally have the top 16 players that will play the Top Cut!

Ahead of everyone we have Marco Caviglia, already qualified to worlds, who is piloting his Chaos Warrior deck with a stunning result after swiss (7-0)!

In the top cut we have 11 Chaos Variants, 2 Reasoning Gate, 2 Chaos Warrior and only 1 Goat Control played by Vama Emilian that during swiss managed to beat Spell Economics FTK which caught unprepared many players in our last event.

In top 8 we have 6 Chaos Variants, 1 Chaos Warrior e 1 Reasoning!

At table 1 we can see two well-known players, Marco Caviglia (Chaos Warrior)  is facing Andrea Marzocchi (Chaos Turbo) and both of them are already qualified to the Goatformat.com world championship that will take place the 24th of this month! The game is played seriously but in a really friendly environment, both guys joke and share opinions but at the end it’s Marco to proceed in top 4 with an astonishing 9-0 score!

Andrea Marzocchi (Chaos Turbo) vs Marco Caviglia (Chaos Warriors)

During Top 4 we have Chaos Warrior vs Reasoning Gate at table 1 and a Chaos Mirror match at table 2.

The first semi-finals last 10 minutes and everyone is waiting to know who will play the finals against Mirko Zanelli… It will be Re Fabio!

Watchers are following the final in silence, but the crowd goes wild when Mirko attacks with all his monsters in the 3rd game, declaring the end of the last match of the day!

Our compliments go to Mirko and to all the Top 16 players, obviously a BIG thanks to all the partecipants!
We hope everyone had fun and that we’ll see you soon at the next event!


Top 16 Pairings with Deck played


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